Investing in the modernization of health + care


Our Why

Nothing is more personal than health. It permeates our best moments and marks our darkest days. Healthcare innovations have the power to grant life, unlock societal advancement, and transform entire economies. Supporting world-class founders with audacious visions to modernize healthcare is the reason we wake up every day.Life is short. Build something that matters.

Our Strategy

Investing Approach

First and foremost, we invest in world-class founders. Anyone making early venture bets with a different approach is wrong. We back Pre-Seed and Seed health technology companies chasing white-space opportunities. We are compelled by businesses that make healthcare work better, cost less, and operate more humanely.Our first check is usually between $100k-$500k.

In scope

Technology that addresses access to care, quality of care, cost of care, gaps in care, or the patient experience. These solutions often manifest as health IT, digital health, insurtech, fintech, or tech-enabled services.

Out of Scope

Med tech, device, life sciences, biotech, and pharma are unfortunately not in our wheelhouse. We only invest in areas where we can actually add value. Trust us, we're simply not qualified to operate in these domains.

the Team

"Investment into technologies addressing unmet healthcare needs generates the perfect combination of impact and alpha."

Matt Miller, PhD | Founder/Partner

Modernizing health + care

Headwater Ventures

Headwater Ventures supports tech entrepreneurs building the next generation of category-defining healthcare companies.If you care about making healthcare better, we care about you.

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